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Bread Cookie Chocolate Packing Machine

Bread Cookie Chocolate Packing Machine
CB--300S Servo Motor automatic packing machine 1. feeding products: can install the feeder automatically feeding or feeding by manual 2. Conveying products:conveying by pusher or belt according to different products 3. Deliver film:crossover the film and runs smoothly 4. Date printing:our...
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Bread Cookie Chocolate Packing Machine


CB--300S Servo Motor automatic packing machine

Automated chocolate biscuit cookie packaging machines


chocolate packaging machine

1.feeding products: can install the feeder automatically feeding or feeding by manual

2.Conveying products:conveying by pusher or belt according to different products

3.Deliver film:crossover the film and runs smoothly

4.Date printing:our regular printer is ink roll printer. Thermal transfer printer is available.

5.Tracking mark:tracking the color mark on film and cut the correct bag length

6.Bag forming:adjust the bag former to fit for the size of products

7.Center seal:clamping and heating the center seal

8.Cutting and sealing:can make a round hole or euro hole when cutting and sealing

9.Nitrogen injection:inject the nitrogen for breadautomatic bread/biscuits/cookie/chocolate packaging machine, China, factory, suppliers, manufacturers, price, buy, for sale

10.Exit convey:exit the finished products

biscuit packaging machines

cookie packaging machine


1.Mechanical key parts are made of stainless steel to meet the heath standards of food QS and medicine GMP

2.Human, intelligent parameter settings, the general staff in a short time can skilled use. operation, maintenance and repair easier and convenient.

3.Saving time and film when replacing products. Can save 10 groups of parameters formula. directly switch to normal production. No need to re-adjust again, which reduce the waste of material and simplify the adjustment process.

4.Intelligent control of the temperature module, much stable temperature control, set the parameters directly on the touch screen.

5.No need to adjust the cutting speed. the servo motor motion controller automatically tracking synchronization.

6.Write the material position data on the touch screen. its automatically correct the position. No need to adjust it by manual

7.Mature servo control technology with overload protection, leakage protection, fault alarm and other safety devices to protect the safety and serve the life of the packing machine

8.Three-Axis power transmission structure, simplifying the mechanical transmission structure, the digital control, which more than dual frequency motor packing machine. low-carbon, energy saving and environment protection.

We can send our company license and certificate to confirm our company, and you also can pay us through alibaba trade assurance service, which is more guarantee your money and machine's on-time delivery and machine's quality.

9.Three-Axis packing machines extended their packing scope to the production lines,which increase the capacity of the whole line. easy and simple to connect with other equipment.


Applicable for the chocolate, pies, bread, instant noodles. moon cakes, industrial parts. biscuits, box, hardware, plastic, etc.

we are manufacturer and professional in manufacturing various kinds of packing machines more than 11 years experience.

Technology specification of automated packaging machine:

Film width


Thickness of film


Diameter of roll film

Outer diameter≤300mm,inner diameter≤75mm

Single knife

Bag size:(50-1500)×(50-160)×(3-60)mm


Double knife

Bag size:(50-1500)×(50-160)×(3-60)mm

Power requirement



3800×940×1500mm,  (L×W×H)



We are so powerful compare with dual frequency motor packing machine

DifferenceDual frequency motor machineThree-Axis servo motor machineRemarks
power2 normal motors,one for horizontal cutter and conveying products,another for center sealHorizontal seal,center seal and conveying products controller by 3 independent servo motors
Machine structureNeed to adjust the speed of cutting,deliver productsDriving by servo motor directlyStructure simple,Reduce the mechanical friction,Easy maintenance,long life time
Horizontal cutting speed adjustmentUse CAM structure to adjust the  synchronization of cutting and film delivery by manualNo need to adjust the cutting.use motion controlling for synchronization automatically 
Material positionAdjust it by differential structure by manualInput the correct material position value on the touch screenSave time
Prevent cutting productsWhen cutting products,need stop machine and reset by manualWhen cutting products,the cutting stop,the center sealing and delivering products continue.Save the stopping time
Change the product lengthWhen the length of products too much difference,need to change the mechanical parts,complex operationSimple operation,just input the bag length on the touch screen
FormulaNo this functionCan save 20 formulas.Save time for adjustment
Training for workersNeed a long time to be familiar with machineSmart technology,be familiar with machine in a short time

FAQ of automated packaging food machine

Q1: Can you send me a video of this machine in operating?

A: Yes, please my video in youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTYZl0kRJHcSWBD1js8cF4g

Q2: What is the material of contact part of product?

A: The contact parts are made of stainless steel 304. The machine body also stainless steel 304.

Q3: Can we make different bag size in this food bagging machine?

A: One former can make one bag width, and the bag length can be adjustable within the machine range. One bag size need one bag forming device.

Q4: Does your company accept OEM?

A: Yes, our company accept different kinds of OEM, it is base on customer's requirement

Q5: How about the delivery day?

A: The standard machine's production day is about 20-30 working days, For the OEM product, we need to check your requirement first.

Q6: How along is your warranty?

A: We provide one year warranty after you receive the machine and lifelong maintenance.

Q7: What can you provide after service?

A: We can provide machine testing video and pictures before delivery, English manual, some free spare parts, installation in clients' factory and technical training.

This packing Machine Can Be Used For Bread, Chocolate, Biscuit And Cookie Packing.

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