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Automatic Vegetable Tray Packing Machine

Automatic Vegetable Tray Packing Machine
CB-300S Servo Motor automatic packing machine 1. feeding products: can install the feeder automatically feeding or feeding by manual 2. Conveying products:conveying by pusher or belt according to different products 3. Deliver film:crossover the film and runs smoothly 4. Date printing:our...
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Automatic vegetable tray packing machine


CB--300S Servo Motor automatic packing machine

Automatic vegetable tray food packing machine


automatic food packing machine

1.feeding products: can install the feeder automatically feeding or feeding by manual

2.Conveying products:conveying by pusher or belt according to different products

3.Deliver film:crossover the film and runs smoothly

4.Date printing:our regular printer is ink roll printer. Thermal transfer printer is available.

5.Tracking mark:tracking the color mark on film and cut the correct bag length

6.Bag forming:adjust the bag former to fit for the size of products

7.Center seal:clamping and heating the center seal

8.Cutting and sealing:can make a round hole or euro hole when cutting and sealing

9.Nitrogen injection:inject the nitrogen for breadautomatic tray/vegetable/food packing machine, China, factory, suppliers, manufacturers, price, buy, for sale

10.Exit convey:exit the finished products

tray packing machine

automatic food packing machine


1.The key parts of the machine are adopted of stainless structure, in accordance with food QS and medicine GMP health requirements.Controlled by dual frequency conversion, the cutting of bag length is following the length setting, saving time and film.

2.High sensitive electronic eye tracing system, after setting, the machine is no need to be adjusted by hand, the cutting position is accuracy, and the seal is firm and beautiful.

3.Temperature is controlled by PID intelligence independently and steadily which is suitable for various materials.

4.Machine can be turned off by position; fault is self-diagnosed and displayed clearly.

5.Counting automatically, the packaging production’s counting is accuracy.

6.Machine design and convey system is simple. The machine is convenient to maintain.The machine can be equipped with gas charging device and production date code system according to client’s packaging requirements.

7.Bag type: can make it with pillow bag and vertical bag according to customer needs.


Suitable for regular products like moon cake, biscuit, bread, candy, medicine, daily article, toothbrush, hardware, carton, tray etc.

Technology specification of automatic food packing machine:

Film width


Thickness of film


Diameter of roll film

Outer diameter≤300mm,inner diameter≤75mm

Single knife

Bag size:(50-1500)×(50-160)×(3-60)mm


Double knife

Bag size:(50-1500)×(50-160)×(3-60)mm

Power requirement



3800×940×1500mm,  (L×W×H)



We are so powerful compare with dual frequency motor tray packing machine




Dual frequency motor machine

Three-Axis servo motor machine



2 normal motors,one for horizontal cutter and conveying products,another for center seal

Horizontal seal, center seal and conveying products controller by 3 independent servo motors

Machine structure

Need to adjust the speed of cutting,deliver products

Driving by servo motor directly

Structure simple,Reduce,the mechanical friction,Easy maintenance,long life time

Horizontal cutting speed adjustment

Use CAM structure to adjust the synchronization of cutting and film delivery by manual

No need to adjust the cutting.use motion controlling for synchronization automatically

Material position

Adjust it by differential structure by manual

Input the correct material position value on the touch screen

Save time

Prevent cutting products

When cutting products,need stop machine and reset by manual

When cutting products,the cutting stop,the center sealing and delivering products continue.

Save the stopping time

Empty bag prevention

without this function

No products coming,the center seal and horizontal seal stop until the products coming

No waste film

Change the product length

When the length of products too much difference,need to change the mechanical parts,complex operation

Simple operation,just input the bag length on the touch screen


No this function

Can save a lot of formulas.

Save time for adjustment

Training for workers

Need a long time to be familiar with machine

Smart technology,be familiar with machine in a short time

Control partsBrand/Origin
2Servo motorWeichi/CHINA
3Temperature moduleWeichi/CHINA
4Touch screenMCGS/CHINA
6Photocell for markOtaier/CHINA
7Photocell for empty bagSICK/GERMANY
8Solid state relayOmron/JAPAN
9Intermediate relayOmron/JAPAN
10proximity switchSCHNEIDER/FRANCE
12leakage switchSCHNEIDER/FRANCE
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