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Dry Fruit Cashew Nut Packing Machine

Dry Fruit Cashew Nut Packing Machine
Dry Fruit Packing|Packaging, Cashew Nut Packing|Packaging machine with multiheads weigher series 1、material storage 2、vibrator 3、bucket elevator 4、multi-head combination weigher 5、packing machine 6、exit conveyor Start machine till the temperature constant → set the parameters(bag length and...
Product Details:

Dry Fruit Cashew Nut Packing Machine

H1-420-10 heads weigher11.png    

cashew nut packing machine

H1-420-10 heads weigher128.png

dry fruit packing machine           

1、material storage
3、bucket elevator
4、multi-head combination weigher
5、packing machine
6、exit conveyor

H1-420-10 heads weigher247.png

Start machine till the temperature constantset the parameters(bag length and packing weight)feeding to storage hopper-vibrating material to bucketlifting material to weighermultihead weigher weighing date printingforming bagfilling→sealing→cutting→exit conveying;(driving film by a pair of belt:low resistance,driving film fast);                

H1-420-10 heads weigher615.png

H1-420-10 heads weigher617.png

H1-420-10 heads weigher621.png

l  Schneider PLC computer control system, human-machine touch screen, Easy to operate and control the machine directly. More efficient.

l High precise positioning with imported servo film transporting system . Mark sensor, accurate positioning, smoothly running.

l With auto alarm protection function, to minimize the loss.

lAutomatically complete all packaging processes, it can finish the process of measuring, feeding, filling, bag making, printing.

l Bag type: can make it with pillow-type and different kind of bag type, according to customer requirement. Also can make hold bag.

l  Low noise, high efficiency and high packing accuracy.

  What bag type you can make?

pillow bag, gusset bag, stabilo bag, quad bag, 4/3 seal side bag and zip lock bag.


  What is your delivery date?

Our delivery date is 30-40 working days after receive the deposit (not include the holiday).

  What is your payment terms?

Payment term: 30% deposit+70% balance should be paid before delivery by T/T or L/C, western union, cash etc.

  How customer check the machine after production finished?

Customer can come to our company to check the machine or we can send the video to customer. And sample is needed.

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Applicable for the chocolate, nuts, seeds, potato chips, peanut, nuts, dried fruit, jelly, frozen dumplings, biscuits, corn, hardware, plastic, etc. Various kinds of granular.full automatic dry fruit cashew nut packing machine, China, factory, suppliers, manufacturers, price, buy, for sale

Dry Fruit Packing|Packaging, Cashew Nut Packing|Packaging machine with multiheads weigher series

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Technology specification of dry fruit packing machine:



                    Bag size

                    L (30-300) * W (30-200) mm

                    Packing speed

                    5-120 bags/min

                    Measuring range

                    1000 ml (max)

                    Max width of film roll

                    ≤420 mm

                    Driving film

                    By a pair of belt

                    Air consumption

                    0.6 mpa

                    Gas consumption

                    0.4 m3/min

                    Power requirement

                    2.2kw,220 V, 50 HZ

                    Machine size

                    L 1320 * W 920 * H 1392 mm

                    Machine weight


                    Sealing Type:                Pillow bag

H1-420-10 heads weigher1808.png

cashew nut packing machine    dry fruit packing machine


* It is especially suitable for weighing of granule, soft candy, jelly, frozen food, meat roll, biscuit, screw small metal, plastic parts and hardware.


2.Features of dry fruit packing machine:

* Loading cell level sensor control material feeding

* Weigher buckets have independent control mode. When compared to the standard weigher speed   increased by 10% to 15%, Provide with a faster and high accurate calculation;

*The weighting hopper can be preset to open in order to avoid blockage with puffy or problem products.

* Language control panel, Spanish, Russian, German, French and Turkish, etc.

*The function of measurement by counting pieces or weighing to meet your various demand

*User's touch screen with more stable and sensitivity performance;

H1-420-10 heads weigher2408.png



                    Max. Cap.(g)


                    Weighing Accuracy(g)


                    Max.  Weighing Speed


                    Hopper Volume


                    Control Panel

                    7.0"LCD Keypad Screen/Touch Screen


                    Dimple Plate/Timing Hopper/Printer/Rotary Top Cone

                    Driving System

                    Step Motor

                    Power Requirements

                    220V / 1000W / 50/60HZ / 10A

                    Packing Dimension(mm)

                    1720 (L)x1100 (W)x1100 (H)

                    Gross WGT


H1-420-10 heads weigher2779.png

H1-420-10 heads weigher2781.png

H1-420-10 heads weigher2784.png



                    Height(with adjustable feet:100mm)




H1-420-10 heads weigher2865.png

H1-420-10 heads weigher2867.png

H1-420-10 heads weigher2871.png



                    Bucket volume:

                    2 liters

                    Lifting height:


                    Total height:


                    Total power:






H1-420-10 heads weigher3045.png

H1-420-10 heads weigher3047.png

H1-420-10 heads weigher3051.png



                    Conveying height:


                    Total power:







1.Free consultation service before, during, and after sales;

2.Free project planning and design services;

3.Free debugging of equipment until everything is functional;

4.Free management of equipments' long distance shipping;

5.Free training of equipment maintenance and operating personally;

6.Free new production techniques and formulas;

7.Provide 1 year complete warrantee and lifetime maintenance service;

This quad seal bag packing machine can be used for cashew nut and other dry fruit packing.

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