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Function of liquid filling machine
Mar 10, 2017

Manual and automatic switching function: when the machine is in "auto", according to set speed of the machine, automatic continuous filling. When the machine is in "manual", the operator stepped on the pedals to achieve the filling, if has been trampled on, will also become automatically continuous filling of the State. Drip-proof filling system: when filling the cylinder moves up and down, driving bulkhead. Tanks, three part-used handcuffs connected, without any special tools, cleaning very convenient loading and unloading.

Excellent optional accessories, the feeding tube was placed in the cleaning fluid filling several times until the cleaning is complete. This series of filling machine for piston filling machine, filling materials driven by the cylinder piston pump material into the measuring cylinder, again driven by pneumatic piston barrel into the container, fill quantity determined by adjusting the stroke.

PIN filling head

Applicable to the filling of small bottle and hose products. Part diameter, length of the needle can be customized according to the specific dimensions of the container.

Ball valve control system

For viscosity and contains particles of different materials, and high resolution, high pressure pressure problems with the supply of materials.


Recommended viscosity filling large product configuration, in order to achieve better filling effect.