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Liquid filling machine introduced
Mar 10, 2017

Double-head automatic piston liquid filling machine filling machine series based on the original design, and adds some additional functionality. Product errors in operation, accuracy and capacity adjustments, equipment cleaning and maintenance easier.

Widely used in the chemical, oil and other industries, high viscosity fluid for different filling. Compact machine design reasonable, simple aesthetic appearance, filling and easy to adjust.

This machine has two synchronous filling heads, filling material quickly and accurately. Germany FESTO and Taiwan AirTac, SHAKO of the pneumatic components and Taiwan Delta electronic control components, performance and stability. Material contact part made of 316L stainless steel material. Han Guoguang eye Taiwan PLC and France's electrical components. Regulation of convenience, no bottle no filling, filling volume exactly and with counting function. Using anti-drip and drawing filling mentou,-high foam products filling lifting systems, ensure that the bottle top positioning system and liquid level control system.

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