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Pillow packaging machine troubleshooting
Mar 10, 2017

First, the temperature is too high, slow, coated outer layer when heat resistance bad, seal will appear burnt traces of wrinkle repair method is the fastest speed, lower the temperature, the replacement of film material.

Second, knife block is too high or too low, packing too fast, push rod and cutters are not synchronized, the cutter will cut in the product maintenance by reducing packaging, adjust the high and low end parts, make the knife at the height of the middle of the Centre.

Three, film-color standard color is too light, film drive skid, color tracking was not cut off occurs when the open position deviation from the color, then the method reference packaging machine instructions, adjust its sensitivity in man-machine conversation interface, switch the tracking mode to "track".

Four, solid-state circuit breakers burned, temperature table damaged, damaged thermometers can't control the temperature of thermocouple, way to repair is to replace the practice of galvanic, replace the temperature table (see picture at right), replace the heating element.

Five, too fast, and coated the inner layer of poor sealing, seal will leak when the temperature is too low or unstable, maintenance is to slow, raising temperatures, the replacement of film material.

Six, not air pressure, cylinder swing loose, low heating temperature, hot rollers and roll not parallel heat sealing can occur when adverse, parallelism of repair methods is to adjust, adjust the temperature and pressure to make it fasten.

And to note of is in pass power zhiqian must first insert induction aviation plug, and lock tight screws; cannot with metal loaded cover and metal container, more cannot put in metal table Shang by moving started button, or will damaged machine; work process in the should often touch induction head surface, check whether overheating, as found hot should stop heating, stay cooling Hou again work; in pillow type packaging body in the will exists high pressure, floor has electric, maintenance Shi must to note, so as not to occurred personal dangerous.