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Process of liquid filling machine
Mar 10, 2017

With empty bottle of box stacked in tray Shang, by conveying with sent to unloading tray machine, will tray individually remove, box with conveying with sent to unloading box machine in the, will empty bottle from box in the out, empty box by conveying with sent to wash box machine, by cleaning clean, again conveying to boxing machine next, to will sheng has beverage of bottle loaded into which. Removed from the unloading machine of empty bottles, from a conveyer belt into the washing machine and disinfection and cleaning, bottle inspection machine inspection, in line with the standards of cleanliness into the filling machines and capping machines. Beverage filling machine into the bottle. Packed beverage bottle capping machine stamped seal and transported to the labeler label, stamped tags and sent to packing into boxes and sent to pallets stacked on a tray into the storehouse.