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A Detailed Description Of The Bar And The Classification Of The Seats
Jul 01, 2017

   Pub (bar, pub) refers to the provision of beer, wine, foreign wine, cocktails and other alcoholic beverages consumer places. Bar refers to entertainment and leisure bars, providing live bands or singers, professional dance team, "Dancer" performance. The premium bar and the bartender perform the wonderful floral blending. Pub refers to the English-style wine-dominated bar, which is a branch of bar. The bar has many types and styles, both the most low-grade "dive bar" and the elegant place to provide entertainment for the social elite. The bar originally originated from the Western pub in the great development period of the United States, the word "selling drinks counter" until 16th century, and then with the development of the Times to provide entertainment and other services such as a comprehensive consumer place, about the 1990s into our country.bar
   The card seat is somewhat similar to a box, usually distributed on both sides of the hall, in a half enclosing structure. Inside the bar structure has a sofa and a few, the card seat is to come more guests group prepared, have the lowest consumption. The platform is located in front of the bar or four weeks, the bar is the kind of wine-blending place. The platform is usually for single guests. The scatter bar is generally distributed across the hall in a more remote corner or around the dance floor. This kind of table is generally 2 to 5 guests. Wall wall mainly by BSV LCD splicing screen, lcd TV, mural composition. Can meet the guests to watch.bar
   The bar originally originated in continental Europe, but the word bar is still in the 16th century to "sell drinks counter" this word, after the Americas further variation, expansion, only in about 2003 years into our country, "bubble bar" is still a new word. Bar into our country after the rapid development, especially in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places, but also get the appearance of dripping: Beijing's rugged bar open, Shanghai bar Delicate sadness, Guangzhou bar lively and complex, Dazhou bar most passion.bar