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Automatic Combined Weigher Packing
Jul 29, 2017

              This packaging machine is composed of mechanical and electrical control parts, the mechanical part comprises a volumetric filling weighing mechanism consisting of a hopper, a turntable and a pallet, an automatic bag-making mechanism, a pneumatic sealing mechanism and a synchronous pulley drive mechanism, which includes a logic action control unit and a temperature control unit, which is controlled by a microcomputer and a processing program. The whole machine is compact, simple, easy to adjust, reliable in performance and stable in quality. Typical materials for iodized salt Packaging speed >50 Package/min, the average error of 1, sealing pass rate $number, can be used for powder, granular materials quickly automatic weighing packaging.Combined Weigher Packing 

              A mechanical part and electronic control part of the automatic weighing packaging machine, mechanical parts include filling weighing mechanism, automatic bag making mechanism, sealing mechanism and transmission mechanism, automatic bag-making mechanism is arranged by the axis, horizontal transition shaft and the photoelectric switch on, forming shoulder collar, the sealing mechanism consists of longitudinal sealing block of the lower material pipe side, a supporting platform under the feeding tube, a pair of transverse clips and a blade in the pallet, and a longitudinal block and a transverse seal clamp are arranged with a heating tube; Includes the Logic Action control unit and the temperature control unit, the Logic Action Control unit receives the mechanical part input signal by the input template, after the microcomputer program processing, the output template issued control instructions, temperature control unit by temperature sensor input temperature signal, after the temperature controller processing, from the output power driver to the longitudinal block and transverse clip of the heating pipe to implement temperature control; The feature of the automatic weighing machine is:

             (1) The filling mechanism is composed of a hopper, a turntable, a pallet and a lower material pipe, and the upper Hopper is positioned above the turntable, and the turntable is connected with the transmission mechanism by a horizontal synchronous pulley group. The turntable on the uniform arrangement of four or more than four measuring cups, measuring cups on the end of the cup mouth with scraper, measuring cup bottom face close to the tray, tray on the bottom of the mouth, the measuring cup in turn to the next material, the next material mouth unicom under the material tube.Combined Weigher Packing 

             (2) Transmission mechanism by the motor through the reducer belt shaking arm and vertical synchronous pulley Group: motor and reducer shaft coordination, located in the packaging machine base, rocker arm and reducer shaft vertical, one end of the fixed shaft in the packaging machine base, the other end and chain link, chain and fixed to the upper level of the packaging machine sprocket transition shaft coordination, sprocket transition shaft through the sprocket axis and fixed, and sprocket with the chain to connect the pallet, rocker arm through the chain, sprocket transition shaft and sprocket can be driven up and down the pallet movement The vertical synchronous pulley set is fixed on the reducer drive shaft and perpendicular to it, and its passive wheel is located in the middle of the packing machine. The fixed bevel gear on the shaft, the horizontal synchronous belt wheel Group active wheel is fixed in the vertical direction of the bevel gear shaft, the bevel gear rotates in the vertical direction to the above horizontal direction rotation, the horizontal synchronous belt Wheel Group passive wheel is fixed to the rotating axis below the turntable.Combined Weigher Packing