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Automatic Multi-head Weigher And Vertical Packing Machine System
Jun 01, 2017

The combination of scale was created in the last century, because of its speed, high precision, we wide used in food particles, chemical product, pharmaceutical and the other industries, due to materials, labor costs are continuous increase, operating profits are being squeezed, many manufacturers are want to controlling the cost, in this case, if you used plastic film, then the multi-head weigher packing machine system is your good choice .

Multi-head weigher packing machine system and artificial advantages: 1 it can save labor cost, one machine only need one worker. 2 the whole set machine including weight, bag making, date printing, bag sealing, and product transport.

Samfull is the (www.samfullpacking.com) multi-head weigher vertical packaging machine system as an example to illustrate the various components and functions of the parameters:

First, the system components

1. Z-type elevator: we have 2L/4L hopper for different kinds of product, it can work with packing machine together;

2.10 combination of scales: for different weight of product, the system can save the parameter, and can set in any time as your required;

3 working platform: support weigher, worker can work in the platform;

4 vertical packaging machine: it can automatically print the date, filling, sealing, cutting;

5 product conveyor: the finished product transported to the equipment after the equipment such as metal detection machines, weight checker.

So now the automatic weigher packing machine system is a development direction. It is a tendency, to become a full automatic unmanned workshop.