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Basic Requirements For Packing Machines
Mar 10, 2017

Main form of packing machine with horizontal and vertical drop, hold, wrapping and pallets for automatic and semi-automatic packing machine, transmission and control of mechanical, pneumatic, electro-optical integration. Domestic packing machine box can be manipulated (such as food, medicine, packaging), glass bottles, plastic bottles, plastic buckets, metal cans, packaging bags and other packaging form, the basic requirement is to achieve the pickup box → box shaped box shipping → products → bottom hem → collecting and packing process. In practice, pickup boxes, boxes and bottom hem in order to complete the box. Rigid packaging such as bottles, cans can be collected, collated and by hand by a certain amount of the packing machine caught directly into cardboard boxes, plastic boxes or trays. If the boxes in the clapboard, loaded cameras from the high accuracy requirements. Soft packing product packing boxes and materials collection and filling at the same time, so packing speed can be increased. Automatic packing machine is equipped with a sealing and strapping and other auxiliary equipment, automatic carton sealing and strapping, to complete the final process.