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Characteristics Of Packing Machines
Mar 10, 2017

Is an intelligent automatic packing machine, high speed dispensing device packaging containers, packing plastic flask, round, irregular-shaped bottles, glass bottles of various sizes, round square bottle, elliptic bottle, cans and paper can also apply to boxes with partition. Bottle holder (built-in rubber to prevent damage bottle) hold the bottle (2 boxes), in open cardboard boxes when scratching my head lifted, the carton out, sent to the sealing machine, this machine uses the P.L.C + touch screen control. With no bottle alarm shut down, no bottle no box safety device. Line greatly facilitates operation and management, reduction of production and the labor intensity, is essential for the automated mass production equipment.

According to the packing requirements, automatic washing product manual ordering.

Novel design, compact structure.

Wide application range, can be applied to a variety of product packing.

Particularly suitable for use with the packing line, easy to move.

Computer controlled, simple and stable.

Bottles, boxes, bags, barrels classes series.