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Development Of Practical Application Of Powder
Sep 18, 2017

     Poly-vinegar Powder coating and acrylic powder coating. But because it is viscous liquid, it is difficult to feed directly in the powder coating, so it is first made into concentrated powder. There are two ways to do this. Firstly, the inert components in the powder coating, such as aluminum silicate, barium nitrate and silica, were adsorbed by the acrylic leveling agent, and then the concentrated powders were obtained by spray drying. Second, the acrylic leveling agent directly into the powder coating of the chemical composition, in the resin, which is added to the melted resin in the stir, after cooling and then crushed into a concentrated body powder.Powder

     Development trend of powder coatings for aluminum building materials powder coating is completely solvent-free, all can be converted into coating, its coating efficiency, protection and decoration of good performance and other advantages, by the world wide attention, so as to obtain rapid development. Metal building materials are widely used in all aspects of buildings for their excellent durability, decoration and formability of processing. Powder

     Aluminum building materials because of its good processing performance, light quality and other characteristics, the amount of metal building materials accounted for more than 80%. Since the advent of powder coatings in the early 1970s, its application in aluminum building materials has grown rapidly.Powder

     At present, the application of powder coating in aluminum building materials is enlarged. In the coating of aluminum building materials, the representative powder coating has epoxy resin, polyester resin, acrylic resin and silicone resin powder coating. As an application, such as part of the aluminum frame, doors and windows, balconies, corridors, wall panels and other high corrosion-resistant aluminum building materials, most of the use of polyester, acrylic powder coating. In addition, because epoxy resin powder coating has excellent adhesion, anti-corrosion, but the weather resistance is slightly worse, it is generally used indoors or as a primer.Powder

    Recently, a thermosetting fluoro resin powder coating which can be applied to the general powder coating production line has been developed. The weatherability, gloss and durability of this thermosetting fluoro resin powder coating are better than that of epoxy powder coating, polyester resin powder coating and acrylic resin powder coating, and can even be compared with solvent-based fluoro-resin coatings. Powder