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General Requirements For Powder Direct Compression Film
Aug 11, 2017

               The drug for powder direct pressing tablet should have good fluidity, pressure and lubrication. However, most drugs do not have these characteristics, you can improve the performance of the material, improve the performance of the tablet machine and other methods to solve. Improve the performance of the pressed sheet material: the thickness and crystalline form of the drug are not suitable for the direct pressure film, which can be improved by means of suitable methods, such as the change of particle size and its distribution and shape, etc., such as recrystallization, spray drying, etc., but there are many difficulties and less application in actual production.Powder

               Low-dose drugs (such as the main drug content under 50 mg) in the prescription contains more excipients, fluidity, pressure, lubrication mainly depends on the performance of Excipients. Regardless of the fluidity and the pressure of the drug itself is good or bad, with a large number of good fluidity, good pressure of the excipients mixed evenly, you can directly press the tablet. Therefore, the precondition of powder direct compression tablet is that the excipients should have good general requirements, pressure and lubrication of the flowing powder direct pressure tablet.Powder

               The device to be possessed by the tablet press: oscillating feeding or forced feeding powder the fluidity of fine powders is always less than that of granules, and it is easy to appear in the powder feeder in the cavity or when the flow is fast and slow, resulting in a large difference in film weight, and the device can make the powder evenly into the Pre-pressure device because of the presence of air in the powder than in the particles, the pressure film prone to crack. The solution is to reduce the speed of the tablet, the second is two times compression, that is, the first time for the initial compression, the second is the final pressure into a pill. Due to increased compression time, it is conducive to the discharge of air in the powder, reduce the lobes phenomenon, increase the hardness of tablets. Better airtight and dust removal equipment because of the dust, powder direct pressure film, will produce more dust, sometimes leakage phenomenon, so the tablet press should have an automatic airtight feeding device, better dust removal device and scraper and turntable between the tight joint.Powder