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Granule Image Analysis Instrument
Oct 12, 2017

In the field of particle testing, with the electronic imaging technology bottleneck breakthrough and computer image algorithm matures, "micro-particle image analyzer" with its unique intuitive advantage of one of the preferred particle testing equipment, but similar The principle of image analysis equipment endless, such as: medical analysis, mechanical testing and other industries, are image instrument products, the user first purchase "micro-particle image instrument", often easy to confuse. Some manufacturers dumping their own products, may also mislead the user, so that users are more unknown, no choice, do not know the kind of product really suitable for their own.Granule 

I for users to buy "micro-particle image instrument" when the common problems and misunderstanding to remind, the majority of users are willing to be able to choose to meet the product.Granule

In the online search, to find a lot of micro-image system products, which is a large part of the production of microscope manufacturers for their own microscope products extend the complementary products, such products a single function, generally only do image collection, shadow Such as collection, color conversion and other basic work, mainly for the user's observation purposes. In addition, there are other industry-specific image analysis system, such as medical micro-detector, mechanical manufacturing commonly used workpiece testing equipment, the user first is the need to distinguish which is specifically used in particle testing "micro-particle map Elephant instrument ".Granule Domestic non-particle testing industry enterprises to develop a real "micro-particle image analyzer." There are many companies in order to rush to dump their products to users, users will claim that their products also have a particle test function, in fact, those functions is nothing more than an extension of the simple range function, and can not provide professional particle test parameters, the user needs Carefully screened.Granule

In the country, the ordinary microscope manufacturing technology has been more mature, and now domestic products in the subtle parts and lens grinding and other manufacturing processes and foreign brands are still a big gap. But can fully meet the general requirements of the use. And foreign microscope products easily tens of thousands of dollars compared to the price of domestic products or higher. Recommended: high quality requirements for naked eye observation (due to the use of general cameras and high-grade microscope can not play with the clarity of the advantages of high-grade microscope, so if you want to see high-quality images on the display, you must high-end microscope And high-end digital camera used in conjunction with) and a solid strength of the enterprise or unit, you can let manufacturers configure the brand of imported microscopes; general users choose the domestic brand of the microscope can meet the requirements.Granule