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Introduction To The Performance Characteristics Of The Packing Machine Type
Sep 27, 2017

      The vacuum packing machine is the equipment which puts the packing on the outer side of the vacuum chamber to complete the vacuum packing. The vacuum packaging machine is mainly designed for vacuum packing of larger packing material, in contrast to the structure of the vacuum packer, the external pumping vacuum packer is put into the package bag by the suction nozzle, the air is evacuated, the nozzle is withdrawn, and the seal is finished.Packing Machine Type

     Cabinet-type Vacuum packaging machine All select 304-grade equipment dedicated stainless steel materials, control part of the use of PIC computer version control system. Closet Vacuum Packaging machine is mainly used for powder, fine particles, liquid or large packaging objects, vacuum packaging, large vacuum chamber volume, bag Mouth vertical seal form. Can be combined with the product packaging (such as: barrels, boxes).Packing Machine Type

     Directly in the vacuum chamber, complete the inner bag vacuum sealing. Open type of operation, easy to use the weight. This type machine can be customized according to special size and configuration requirements. Widely used in feed, chemical, food, electronics and other industries to bag-type, bag-type automatic vacuum packaging machine dedicated to casual snacks such as chicken claw, duck claw, duck neck, bean stem, small fish, fish, such as various types of cooked food products for continuous automated vacuum packaging equipment, can automatically realize the bag, bag, play code, support bag, drum bag, material, measurement, Filling, vacuum, sealing, conveying and so on until the finished product of the full automatic production, greatly improve production efficiency.Packing Machine Type

     The packing bag has a wide range of adaptability, and can be used for prefabricated bags and paper bags made of multilayer composite film. Quick change of the bag specifications, automatically to the width of the bag device may be adjusted easily and quickly adjust the handle. Packing Machine Type

     In line with the unsanitary standards of food processing machinery, the parts of the machine and the material or bag contact are processed by stainless steel or other materials in line with the food hygiene requirements to ensure food hygiene and safety. Machine standard testing device, can detect the machine in no packaging or packaging bag without opening the filling device without filling, heat seal device is not sealed, so as to avoid wasting packaging materials and raw materials.Packing Machine Type