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Llow Bag To Take You Through the pillow material
Aug 17, 2017

      The highest state of the pillow is to let the sleeping person forget himself in Pillow pillow--the shoulder neck curve and pillow edge fully fit, ease and relax; the head slowly sank down, unconsciously supported, wrapped, as if suspended in the air ... I am not installing X, the quality of memory pillow really can bring this wonderful feeling. Memory cotton is also called slow rebound, is a strong impact energy absorption capacity of materials. As can be seen under a microscope, the memory cotton has an open cell structure. When subjected to external pressure, its molecules "flow" shift, laminating the contact surface profile of the pressure, evenly spread the stress to the entire contact surface. After the pressure is removed, it is slowly restored to its original shape. This is the reason that memory cotton pillow can cushion the decompression, bring "the sense of hanging".Pillow Bag
      Mix natural latex and synthetic latex, add in vulcanizing agent, gelling agent, antioxidant, etc. all necessary auxiliaries, mechanically stir, and add soap and air. The foam-like mixture into the mold, foam began to solidify, and then through the vulcanization, stripping, cleaning, drying and other processes, we have made the latex used. After the production process, the finished latex surface is filled with pores. This special structure makes the latex pillow soft and hard, both supporting and flexible, and more breathable and elastic than other materials.Pillow Bag
     The quality of the latex is determined by the production process and the grade of raw materials. At present, latex production process standard production process in two categories, latex better elasticity, longer service life. Raw material grades are not directly marked, can be purchased when consulting guide-Overall, the production process is the same, the more expensive the higher the level. If all the hotels all over the world can only provide the same kind of pillow, the winning bidder must be soft and fluffy, and the man will be stuck in the big down pillow. And do not say this soft to the extreme feeling of how comfortable, in case of sleep uncomfortable, but also can want to fight on the dozen, want to fall, how to trample how torn--in all pillows, down pillow can let you maximize indulgence and enjoyment.Pillow Bag