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Market Of Packing Machine
Mar 10, 2017

Information, including global demand for packaging machinery packing machine in the year grew at an annual rate of 5.3%. Global packaging machinery on the market (including packing) about one-third from Germany, ranked first in sales, followed by the United States, Japan and Italy. Some multinational companies and foreign-funded enterprises used packing machines are mostly imported from abroad. Information indicates that by 2010 China food and packaging machinery market demand will reach 110 billion yuan, including packing machine market has great potential, only more than more than 30 production lines of the COFCO group, potential sales would reach 20 million Yuan. In addition, the packing machine in metal cans in the production field of application also has a very large market. According to the survey, canning company has more than 1000 branches across the country, and if each enterprise configuration from 1 to 3 packing machines, the market volume for 1000~3000, sales income of 6~18 billion yuan. Thus domestic packing machine market is very optimistic about the future.