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Packing Machine Problems That
Mar 10, 2017

Clear wire, wire and the slot location precision

With manual packing of different, automatic packing equipment for cardboard boxes line and slotting requirements are relatively high. During manual packing, the indentation can be shallow, creasing slot such cartons naturally negative factor manual correction. And autoboxing main nozzle, retaining lever and clamping bar to complete, do not have the function of shaping correction. Request processing carton to make sure that the carton clear indentation, in carton folded forming easier to bend, not break, Crow's feet and other defects. Also, ensure the accuracy of Groove-cutting and creasing, slotted or wire must not exceed 2mm.

For the convenience of automatic packing appliance carton forming upright, carton machinery manufacturers abroad recently introduced a technology called crease. Pre-folding process is the automatic box-pasting machine by adding a folding device, will board the first and third line pre folded again. Doing so reduces the resistance of wire folding again, makes automatic carton packaging line can easily stand upright.

Large corner holes should not be

Usually automatic packing machine for sealing glue sealing and duct tape sealed in two ways. With manual "h-shaped" different ways of sealing, sealing the glue and tape boxes were not sealed box corners. If the corner holes are too large and would undermine the cardboard box waterproof moisture resistance function. Especially some export goods, the vast majority are shipped via container shipment to the place of delivery, and sailing on the sea process, air humidity can be as high as 93% in the container, if the corner holes too large, containing goods are very easy to damp. In General, for automatic sealing of cartons, boxes point the diameter of the hole should be no more than 5mm.