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Packing Machine Type
Jul 08, 2017

            (1) Transparent film three-dimensional packaging machine: mainly used in a variety of high-grade products transparent film three-dimensional packaging, the effect and cigarette box is as beautiful, with energy saving power, packaging effect exquisite and so on.

            (2) Filling machine: Filling machine is the exact number of packaging into a variety of containers packaging machine. Its main types are: ① volumetric type filling machine. Including measuring cup type, intubation type, plunger type, material level, screw-type, timing-type filling machine. ② weighing type filling machine. Including intermittent weighing type, continuous weighing type, weighing-centrifugal equal-type filling machine. ③ counting type filling machine. including one-piece counting type, multiple-piece counting type filling machine.

            (3) Sealing machine: Sealing machine is to fill the container with packaging to seal the machinery, its main types are: ① sealing material seal machine. Including hot-pressing type, cold pressure type, welding type, insert, folding and other sealing machine. ② has sealing material sealing machine. Including Rotary, rolling, curling, pressure and other sealing machine. ③ has auxiliary sealing material sealing machine. Including tape-type, bonding, nailing, ligation, suture and other sealing machine.Packing Machine Type

            (4) Wrapping machines: Wrapping machine is wrapped with flexible packaging material, all or in part wrapping the package. Its main types are: ① full wrapped wrapping machine. including kink, overlay, placement, seam type and other wrapping machine. ② semi-wrapped wrapping machine. Including folding, contraction, stretching, winding and other wrapping machine.Packing Machine Type

            (5) Multi-function Packaging machine: This type of packaging machinery has two or more functions. Its main types are: ① filling and sealing machine. It has two functions of filling and sealing. ② forming filling and sealing machine. It has three functions of forming, filling and sealing. The types of molding are bag forming, bottle forming, box-box molding, blister molding, melting molding and so on. ③ stereotypes filling and sealing machine. It has the function of setting, filling and sealing. StereotPacking Machine Type

             (6) Shrink packaging machine: Shrink packaging machine is in the process of contraction, does not affect the quality of packaging, but can shrink quickly perfect, packaged products can be sealed, moisture-proof, anti-collision, applicable to a number of items tight packaging and pallet packaging. ① Heat shrink Packaging machine. The use of PLC and touch screen automatic computer control, and has a film-free alarm and sealing obstacles alarm function ② tableware shrink packaging machine. Tableware is dedicated shrink packaging machine, ③ plate shrink packaging machine. is designed for door panels, glass panels, such as shrink packaging, suitable for any shrink film shrink packaging ④ food shrink packaging machine. Used in light industry, food, beverages, confectionery, stationery, arts and crafts, hardware tools, daily necessities, chemical supplies, such as ⑤ Far infrared shrink machine. Packaged items can be sealed, moisture-proof, anti-pollution, protection of goods from external shocks, with a certain degree of buffering, widely used in a variety of small products packaging.