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Packing Machine Type Of Production Proces
Oct 27, 2017

Simple Type: manual control winding process. The packing speed is low. Roll speed, turntable/rotational speed, winding size can not be adjusted. The overlapping amount, flanging amount, winding layer and the height of the wrapped film of the film are controlled by manual operation. cannot be connected to the production line. Semi-automatic type: manual and machine to control the film wrapping process. The packing speed is low. Roll roller slider speed, turntable/rotational speed, winding to size can be adjusted at any time. It can set up the overlapping amount, flanging amount, winding layer number and so on of film wrapping film, and can adjust the film height according to the change of cargo height.Packing Machine Type

Automatic type: (that is, production line type) machine automatically controls wrapping film process. The package speed is high. The fully automatic model can be connected directly with the conveyor belt on the production line, the operation control system can be connected to the main control machine of the production line, the uniform controlling of the feed and output of the goods and the operation of the conveyor belt, and automatically determining the position of the packing center With detachable safety fence and automatic safety lock to ensure the safety of the operator.Packing Machine Type

Finishing and feeding system of packing material the system is to cut or arrange the packing material, and to transfer it to the predetermined station system, such as the feeding and cutting mechanism of wrapping paper in the candy packaging machine.Packing Machine Type

 Some systems in the process of delivery can also complete the bag or packaging container erection, stereotypes, positioning, and other work, some of the filling system can also be used for the delivery of the tank, such as the direction of the work.

The measurement and delivery system of the packaged items the system is the system which will be measured, sorted, arranged and transported to the predetermined station. Some can also complete the shape of the packaging items, such as the beverage filling machine metering and liquid feed system; Biscuit packaging machine biscuits sorting, arrangement and delivery system.Packing Machine Type