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Packing Machine Type Vacuum Filling Machine
Jul 29, 2017

             Vacuum inflatable packaging food into the packaging bag, pull out the air in the bag to achieve the predetermined vacuum, and then filled with nitrogen or other mixed gases, and then complete the sealing process. Vacuum packaging technology originated in the 1940s. 1950, Polyester, polyethylene plastic film successfully used in vacuum packaging, since then, the vacuum packaging has been rapidly developed.

             Pre-use Preparation: 1, vacuum packaging machine to stabilize the machine, to see whether the lid is smooth, let go after the automatic jump. 2. Equipped with the power supply to meet the requirements of the model. 3. Check the position of vacuum packaging machine Vacuum pump oil surface is correct, if the correct should be adjusted (see the vacuum pump use manual). 4. The machine will be well grounded. 5. Power supply, turn on the power switch and cover to see if the vacuum pump is working properly.Packing Machine Type

             Pre-use Adjustment: 1, choose vacuum: Vacuum Packaging machine suction time, digital display, continuous adjustable, small vacuum packaging machine pumping time for the digital rotary 0-30 seconds adjustable. Adjust the length of the pumping time to achieve the required vacuum. 2, select the heating temperature: according to the packaging bag material to select the required heating temperature, the heating temperature knob to the appropriate position. 3, adjust heating time: Heating time, digital display, continuous adjustable, according to the packaging materials and heating temperature, adjust the heating time knob, select the appropriate heating time. 4, according to the need to select sealed silicone rubber words, set the date of sealing and other characters.Packing Machine Type

             Precautions to use: 1. Turn on the power switch. 2, will be the packaging bag layering, put into the packaging of packaged goods into the work room, need to be put in the sealing place in the silicone rubber strip, bags do not overlap, over the packaging bag to the mouth of the bag to pressure. 3, (or press the upper cover edge) under the pressure of the studio, cover, the machine will automatically complete the process of vacuum packaging and automatically open the lid, some equipment equipped with emergency stop switch. 4, open the vacuum lid, remove the bag, that is, complete a work cycle. 5, to stop working need to turn off the power switch, pull out the power plug.Packing Machine Type