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Powder Characteristics
Jun 16, 2017

    The product does not contain toxicity, no solvent and no volatile toxic substances, so no poisoning, no fire, no "three wastes" emissions and other pollution problems, in full compliance with national environmental law requirements. Raw material utilization is high, some well-known brands of powder suppliers to produce powder, the over-spray powder can be recycled, the highest utilization rate can even reach 99% or more. After the pretreatment of the coating, a one-time construction, without primer, you can get a sufficient thickness of the coating, easy to achieve automated operation, high production efficiency, can reduce costs. Coating density, adhesion, impact strength and toughness are good, high corners coverage, with excellent resistance to chemical corrosion and electrical insulation properties. Powder coating storage, transportation safety and convenience.Powder

     Powder coating construction process and requirements: the so-called electrostatic spraying powder is the use of high-voltage electrostatic corona electric field principle. In the gun head metal guide marked with a high-pressure negative, the workpiece was grounded to form a positive pole, so that between the gun and the workpiece to form a strong electrostatic field. When the compressed air is used as a carrier gas, the powder coating is supplied from the powder feed tank to the guide rod of the gun. Since the diversion rod is connected with the corona discharge generated by the high voltage negative electrode, a dense negative charge is generated in the vicinity So that the powder is negatively charged and enters the electrostatic field with high electric field strength. Under the dual action of the electrostatic force and the carrier gas, the powder evenly flows to the surface of the ground workpiece to form a uniform and thick powder layer, Durable coating. Coating construction process pre-treatment a dry to remove water a spray a check a baking a check a finished product construction requirements general powder coating construction requirements.Powder

    In order to make the powder coating characteristics can give full play and extend the coating life. When spraying, the coating must be completely grounded to increase the efficiency of powder coating. If the defects are to be treated promptly, if the defects are found after curing, the scope is small and only partially affected. The surface of the coated surface can be decorated with the same color powder and then diluted with acetone. If the range is large and the surface is affected, Quality, then sandpaper polished, and then spray once or with paint remover to remove the coating, and then re-Su powder. Recycled powder must be screened to remove debris, according to a certain proportion of mixed with the new powder.Powder

    Art type powder coating construction requirements: art type powder, with a beautiful, three-dimensional sense of strong, decorative effect is good, but its construction process requires strict. Dust when the input pressure should not be too large, generally controlled at 0.5-1.5kg / cm2 as well. Too much pressure will result in poor pattern clarity or produce some pitting. Static voltage should not be too high, the general control in the 60-70Kv or so. The voltage is too high, will be attached to the surface of the powder surface of the phenomenon of rebound. Poor leveling and other defects. Dust to pay attention to ensure that the thickness of the coating, the general control between 70-100μm can be conducive to the formation of significant patterns and larger patterns, thin film is not obvious pattern, and the pattern is also small, Exposed and other defects. Curing must be carried out at the specified temperature and time. If the temperature is too low too short will cause the powder does not form a pattern, while curing is not complete due to the mechanical properties are also greatly reduced. In addition, due to the special nature of the art pattern powder production process, with the recovery of powder and then spray, the pattern will become smaller or not obvious changes, it is generally recommended that the type of powder recovery powder do not use. To use also need to be tested. From the above point of view although the construction requirements of its more stringent, but I believe that the coating process as long as a better grasp of the above factors, will achieve the desired satisfactory results.Powder