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Practical Application Of Powder
Sep 06, 2017

     The crack powder coating has many advantages of thermosetting powder coating, it will form beautiful crack pattern after painting, and can be adjusted according to the shape of workpiece and the size of crack shape. Crack powder coating widely used in toys, handicrafts and other fields of painting. The crack powder coating is the change of the melt viscosity, surface tension and curing speed of the powder coating, which causes the shrinkage of the film surface and the crack effect. Usually the method of crack formation: by adding texture additives (such as floats, wrinkle agents, etc.), the addition of such additives is very small, the addition of the need to mix evenly, the square can be uniform stable grain.Powder
     In the process of powder coating spraying, the coating thickness is uniform and suitable, too thick will cause the crack boundary ambiguity, too thin is easy to appear threadbare, shrinkage and other defects, the recommended spraying order from high to low. Spraying the secondary surface first, and then spraying the main surface, preferably one spray finish. Some corners need local paint, this will make the original part of the crack disappear; to achieve the best spraying effect, before the construction, the material using sieve screen slightly larger screening, adjust the air pressure, atomization pressure, nozzle and workpiece distance, the gun removal speed and other technological parameters for the best results.Powder
    Powder coating is completely different from the general coating of the form, it is in the state of fine powder exist. Because the solvent is not used, it is called powder coating. The main characteristics of powder coatings are: pollution-free, high efficiency, saving the characteristics of resources. Powder coating is a kind of new, solvent-free, 100% solid powder-like coating. It has the advantages of no solvents, no pollution, saving energy and resources, reducing labor intensity and high mechanical strength of coating film.Powder
    Thermoplastic powder coatings are composed of thermoplastic resins, pigments, fillers, plasticizers and stabilizers. Thermoplastic powder coatings include: polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester, polyvinyl chloride, chlorinated polyether, polyamide series, Cellulose series, polyester system.Powder