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Production Workflow Of Combined Weigher Packing Machine
Sep 18, 2017

     With the development of electronic technology and computer technology, the quantitative packaging of products is widely used in all walks of life, and it is measured synchronously by means of microcomputer system. In particular, small scale quantitative packaging, requires high accuracy, packaging close to or slightly greater than the calibration value of the best calculated value as the output of the material.Combined Weigher Packing Machine

     The conventional quantitative packing scale is the monomer scale, and the granular material with uniform and small particles is can be barely quantitative weighing, but packaging speed of 15 items Package/min, but for like candy, dried fruit, potato chips and other uneven items if the use of a single scale weighing, whether it is weighing accuracy and speed is difficult to meet production requirements. Based on the combination weighing technology, the computer combination scale can effectively improve the measurement precision and speed, and solve the problem of measuring and packing of uneven items.Combined Weigher Packing Machine

     The computer combination scale is a kind of intelligent combination quantitative automatic packing weighing instrument in the weighing instrument industry, the combined weighing technology will develop the weight of simple weighing items to adjust the product weight, meet the needs of mass production, expand the weighing function and application range, and add new content to the concept of weighing.Combined Weigher Packing Machine

     Material through the hoist fall in the composite scale of the crosscutting bucket, through the main feeder vibration, so that the material on the cone funnel products evenly distributed to the linear feeder plate. When there is no material or material in the crosscutting bucket, it will be detected by the horizontal photoelectric detector, signal to the motherboard, and feed the feed signal through the motherboard to the conveyor. The material passes through the linear feeder vibration, through the amplitude and the vibration machine time delivers the product to each buffer hopper. Then the drive device is the stepper motor work, open the buffer hopper to send the material into the weighing hopper.Combined Weigher Packing Machine

    Products in the weighing hopper, through the sensor to generate weight signals, and then through the lead wire to the control equipment motherboard, the CPU on the motherboard to read and record the weight of each weighing bucket, and then through the calculation, analysis, combination, select the closest to the target weight of the combined weighing bucket, When the CPU receives the allowable discharge signal issued by the wrapper, the command starts the drive open the hopper to unload the product to the packing machine and send the packing signal to the packing machine.Combined Weigher Packing Machine