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Professional Packaging Machine Manufacturer SAMFULL.
Jul 04, 2017

High speed vertical packaging machines (VFFS) produced by SAMFULL are the outcome of 11 years' experience, they are suitable for different configuration and ensure reliability, ease of maintenance and reduced handling costs.

We provide a wide range of machines, backed by a timely sales and after-sales service, to follow the customer, from selection to installation, to providing urgent and targeted technical  services in time.


Our machines are able to package a wide selection of products, weighing a few grams up to 10 kg, such as: popcorn, dry pasta, peat, meatball, oats, macaroni, washing powder, pet food, powders, salt, coffee, sugar, short pasta, rice, flour, spices, milk, oil, hardware and medicine such particle, platy, strip and irregular shape.


According to the customer's specific requirements, all our machines can be customized by adding auger filler/weighing systems, conveyor systems and cup filling system. We have stainless or carbon steel structures for your choice.