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Properties Of Granule Agents
Sep 27, 2017

      The granule is a dry granular preparation prepared by drugs and suitable excipients. It can be divided into soluble granules, suspension granules and effervescent granules. The granules should conform to the following regulations during the production and storage period: the drug and the excipients should be uniformly mixed, and all the drugs which belong to the volatile or heat decomposition should avoid the heat loss during the preparation.Granule

      The preparation of granules can be suitable for the addition of the appropriate flavor agent, aromatic agent, coloring agent and preservative and so on. Granules should be dry, homogeneous particles, color consistent, no moisture absorption, softening, caking, hygroscopic and so on. Unless otherwise specified, the granule should be sealed and stored in a dry place.Granule

       Take 10 packages (bottles), remove the packaging, respectively, precision weighing each package (bottle) of the weight of the contents, to find out each package (bottle) contents of the load and average capacity. The loading of each package (bottle) is compared with the average load (where there is no content determination of the granules, each package (bottle) should be compared with the amount of the marked load, the limit of the difference in the size of the particle is not more than 2 packets (bottles), and no more than 1 packages (bottles) to exceed the limit of the difference in load.Granule

     The ratio of particle size to particle volume is called volumetric filling. The ratio of the particle projection area to the minimum external rectangular area is called area filling. The specific surface area of a sphere equal to that of a particle is called a true sphere. The diameter of the circle equal to the size of the particle projection area is the ratio of the minimum circumscribed diameter of the particle projection diagram to the practical sphere. The circumference of the circle with the same size as the particle projection area is called roundness. Roughness is the ratio of the actual surface area of the particle to the surface area when it is smooth.Granule

     The shape of particles has a great influence on the fluidity and filling properties of powder material. Usually, with the jaw crusher, the roller crusher and cone crusher easy to get more angular particles, and the ball mill and the barrel of the particle closer to the ball. The ultrafine particles prepared by chemical or vapor deposition method are also easy to reach the sphere.Granule