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Samfull Professional In Vertical Packing Machine And Pillow Packing Machine
Jul 15, 2017

Since the establishment of Samfull with 13 years, we has been focused on the vertical packaging machines and ancillary equipment with R & D design, manufacturing, installation and technical services, which will provide our clients with more automatic intelligent packaging solutions.

Samfull main products: automatic vertical packaging machines and other referred equipment, mainly used in candy, melon seeds, potato chips, pistachios, biscuits, granule, powder, liquid, hardware and other industries. The machine equipment can achieve automatic feeding, positioning and packaging. Machines can makepillow bag, three or four side seal bag, gusset bag, stabilebag, zipper bag and other bag typeaccording customer’s requirement.

We attended the International Bakery Exhibition in May and the Canton Fair exhibition in April, mainly showing this year's new products: high-speed packaging machines, whichhave won the high recognition of customers. We plan to have a professional exhibition in abroad and Autumn Canton Fair in next half this year, and expected to launch a new product at that time.

In the future, we will continue to improve the speed and performance of our automatic packaging equipment, which will follow the Europe and the United States develop countries.