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The Advantage Of Servo Motor Packing Machine
Jul 29, 2017

1.    it has two servo motors, it can control the feed and vertical sealing automatically;

2.    the construction is simple, can reduce the driving, less noise, less friction and long lifetime;

3.    it can save time and save packing material;

4.    when cutting the packing material, the cutting knife will stop working immediately, and reversal the cutting knife.

5.     the machine will give an alarm when cutting hard objects and stop working to protect the cutting knife.

6.    when it appear leak-bag, the Transfer will stop working and continue to work after having materials in a packing bag, so it can reduce the waste of packing film;

7.    it can store several parameters to work and just need to input the related parameters into the touch scream;

8.    it mainly use the intelligent human parameter settings, so you can use it proficiently in a very short time.