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The Design Principle Of The Type Analytic Machine Of The Packing Machine Type
Oct 17, 2017

The main contents of the course research of mechanical principle include several aspects: the basic knowledge of the structure analysis of the mechanism. The composition of the research institution and the drawing of the motion diagram of the mechanism, the Mechanism has the condition of determining the movement, the Constitution principle and the structure classification. Kinematic analysis of the mechanism.Packing Machine Type

Whether the analysis of existing machinery or innovative new machinery, analysis of the movement of the Organization is essential. Machine Dynamics. Analysis and design of common mechanism. Design of motion plan for mechanical transmission system. It is not difficult to see from the content of mechanical principle course that the knowledge of mechanical principle plays an important role in the design of mechanism innovation.Packing Machine Type

When we design a new organization, according to the composition principle of the mechanism, the frame can be selected first, the number of the original moving parts is equal to the number of degrees of freedom of the mechanism, and the original moving parts are connected with the frame by the motion pair, then the basic bar groups are connected with the original moving parts and the rack. We get a 5-bar mechanism by connecting two two-stage member 2 with 3 and component 4 and 1 in order of original moving parts 6 and rack six.Packing Machine Type

A packing machine, which pulls and guides the film from a reel-shaped film tube coil, the film folding mechanism, which is transported to fold the film in the direction of the width of the film, overlaps the folded film and is vertically sealed by a pair of opposite longitudinal sealing rollers arranged on the longitudinal sealing mechanism, through which a tubular film is formed through the longitudinal seal. At the same time, the tube-shaped film is laterally sealed by a pair of horizontal seal rollers arranged on the transverse seal mechanism, through the transverse seal to form the bottom to form a packaging bag, through the bottom in the formation of the above-mentioned tube-like film filled into the packaging, and then the film sent out, and the transverse seal of the mechanism of the transverse sealing roll of the film bag side of the mouth position , forming a packing bag.Packing Machine Type

In the packing machine, which is packed in a continuous packing bag, it is characterized in that the film folding mechanism comprises an inner surface guide part, a left and right preheating assembly and a heater arranged inside the preheating assembly, and the guiding piece is guided by a film width direction along the inner surface side of the folded film. ; The preheating component is arranged on the outer surface of the film, and the oblique surface is set along the width direction of the film, and the oblique surface and the inner surface guide are provided with predetermined intervals, and the upstream side interval of the film in the conveying direction is more open than the downstream one.Packing Machine Type