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The Development History Of Special Snacks
Aug 11, 2017

            In the Song Dynasty, the word "sweets" appeared in the "Zhong-fed" of Wu's, referring to the dessert heart. Yuan Dynasty in the anonymous "home must emotional class complete" in the "from food" the word, refers to the cake kind of snacks. At the same time the volume 12 Geng's "diet" in detail describes the wet surface food 14 kinds, noodles food 12 kinds, from 12 kinds of food, fry crisp cheese product 5 kinds, make the powder goods (powder food) 3 kinds. This shows that the habit of eating snacks has become very popular at that time. In the Ming and Qing dynasties, cooking technology has developed greatly, then the production of dim sum has been more perfect. In the Qing people Guzhong "foster small Record" in the records: The genus of the bait (powder food category) 16 species, fruit of the genus (fruit) 24 kinds, porridge of the genus (Congee) 24 kinds, powder of the genus (with powder processed food) 2 kinds. Li Shiting's "Awake Garden Record" described the special dim sum of the Qing Dynasty, among them the "steamed Western Cake Method" and "Steamed chicken Cake Method", is the use of Western cake production technology. The book's "Manchurian Potatoes Law" made of dim sum, also represents the Qing Dynasty special snacks. About 20 kinds of snacks are listed in Wang Zhishui's "Lake Ya".snack

           Snack, "Modern Chinese Dictionary" in the explanation there are three kinds, here refers to "the sale of rice cakes, zongzi, Yuanxiao, Camellia and other food collectively". Beijing people also called snacks as "meet food", probably refers to different from the staple food "cold dishes." The types of snacks are diverse, throughout the food, fruits and vegetables, meat and egg milk all kinds of sweet and spicy sour taste, hot eating, cool eat different methods, far beyond the Dictionary of "snacks" under the definition category. After several years of development, the characteristic snacks become an indispensable part of the food culture, the characteristic snacks around the region also went out of the local characteristics. However, the development of snacks in the late, there is another kind of implication. Although the same is fastidious about the use of local fresh ingredients, but the production method is complicated, to pay attention to the main meal is more cumbersome than filling the belly, has been a food culture everywhere, is not just to fill the belly of the level between meals.snack