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The Development Status Of Horizontal Pillow Type Packing Machine
Jul 08, 2017

                 China's packaging machinery industry started late, a long time did not form an independent industry. In the early 1980s, the catalogue of machinery products released by our government has not yet been packaged in this category. Before the middle of the 70 's, our country's commodity packaging equipment is quite backward. Most food companies use workshop-type production, manual packaging and bulk sales, only candy, tobacco and other areas of mechanical packaging. At present, our country engaged in packaging food machinery production of more than 3,300 enterprises, including more than 120 joint ventures, 550,000 employees, more than 130 scientific research units, product varieties up to 3,000 kinds. The level of technology and automation of products has greatly improved, many products have been transformed from a single mechanical to electromechanical integration, electrical control from general electrical to programmable and computer control, and by providing a single machine to provide complete sets of production lines, the industry has become China's machinery industry, one of 14 major industries. It is expected that by 2005, the annual output of packaging and food machinery reaches about 44 billion yuan, and the product varieties reach more than 4,000 kinds, which basically meet the needs of China's food industry and packaging industry.Horizontal Pillow Type Packing Machine

                Since the reform and opening-up, China's packaging machinery industry has made great progress, but compared with the world's advanced level, there is still a big gap. The main performance in China's packaging machinery product control level is low, the application of High-tech, new materials, technology promotion slow, only about 5% of the product can reach the developed countries the early 1990s level, the overall level than developed countries lag behind 20 years. With the development of packaging machinery industry, we should pay attention to various new technologies, new materials and technology in packaging machinery applications, such as optical fiber technology, bio-engineering technology, Mechatronics Technology, artificial intelligence technology and nano-technology. In order to speed up the application of Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computer Aided production technology (CA PP) and computerized integrated manufacturing system (C IM) in the packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises, the technology preparation and manufacturing cycle of product development can be shortened by about 30%. At the same time, the kinematic and dynamic optimization design and precision machining of high speed mechanism can be completed, which makes the packaging machine compact, low cost, stable movement and long service life.Horizontal Pillow Type Packing Machine

                 At present, the domestic packaging machinery product serialization level is low, the variety is few, the lithe product is many, the packing machine is poor adaptability to the packing material. Adopting the idea of modular design, the metering device, bag forming machine, material conveying, packing material conveying, heat sealing device and code-making device are designed into many standard modules, which can meet the requirements of different material characteristics, different material types and different packing capacity through the reasonable combination of standard modules. Gradually increase the proportion of parts of the packaging machine parts and components, highlighting the special manufacturing function of packaging machinery, to promote the production of packaging machinery in a certain range of standardization, generalization and serialization. At the same time, the introduction of internationally recognized standards to standardize the production behavior of enterprises is also an important way to improve the standard level of packaging machinery products. Domestic high speed packaging machine, in order to ensure the quality and reliability of its mainframe, have to pay high-priced purchase of imported electrical components and pneumatic components. This shows that to improve the quality of domestic packaging machinery, we must pay attention to the development of basic parts and the improvement of the technical level, development and packaging machine supporting a high level of vacuum pumps, vacuum valves, filling high-speed solenoid valve, sensors, inverter motor and electrical control components, the development of a variety of online or off-line testing equipment to carry out weight detection, foreign body detection, metal detection and vacuum detection, improve the overall level of technology.Horizontal Pillow Type Packing Machine