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The Performance Of The Combined Weigher Packing Machine
Oct 12, 2017

In order to ensure the use of industrial weighing module performance, simply consider how to use the load cell and weighing instrument is not enough, the sensor load connection device is also an important part of the performance of the weighing module; many weighing module performance is not To the design requirements are often due to load connection device selection caused by unreasonable. The scale body described here may be a hopper, a bin, a tank, a weighing platform, a weighing tank, a metering belt, a metering roller, etc., and may even be part of the application equipment, such as a pulley set for driving, Tanker frame and so on.Combined Weigher Packing Machine

In order to ensure that the load connection line of the loading device coincides with the force axis of the sensor, the impact of the tilt load and eccentric load on the measurement performance due to the installation problem is overcome. If necessary, install the tool to ensure this. If the horizontal transverse impact force in the use of excessive, will exceed the load connection device anti-lateral force or self-resetting ability, to consider in the loading connection device design or increase the special limit device; in the load process by the impact Serious weighing module to increase the overload protection device or in the load connection device to increase the overload protection structure.Combined Weigher Packing Machine In order to prevent high current directly through the sensor body damage sensor, the load connection device can be added to the current bypass, should be made of braided copper wire made of current bypass, and load the device at both ends with bolts; Type load connection device and the scale body and the scale of the installation of the framework of the connection should be reliable; pressure loading connection device and the scale body and the installation of the base between the contact to be flat.Combined Weigher Packing Machine