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The Structure Of Packing Machine
Mar 10, 2017

Automatic packing machine: belt conveyor, separator, alignment device, clearance, conveyor filling equipment, boxes and spray equipment.

Belt conveyors: consists of two flat belt conveyor (a, b) on its entry and processes connected to enter with the workpiece on the other end.

Separation apparatus includes: a separator framework belt on the components, component, the belt components, transitions on roller Assembly, lower transition roller component, width, adjust the height component, component, adjusts the width of the component separator device fixed on the bottom of the separating device framework component and other components of a fixed separation device framework component on the side panel.

Alignment device include: driver and framework components, small feed chute components, pushing motion components, lead to institution components, push the small feed chute components, motion components, lead to institution components were installed in the whole framework of the device components; alignment device connected with the clearance delivery fill device.

Clearance delivery fill devices include: framework components, conveyor and drive components, conveyor and drive components are fixed to the frame Assembly.

Packing boxes and glue device includes: box blank frame, cardboard box under components, padding, door components, conveyor frame components, top-folding body components, sealing components, conveyor transmission components.

Boxes and glue device components are fixed to the frame in the component.