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The Variety Of Powder Coatings
Jul 08, 2017

                Hot-solid powder coating refers to thermosetting resin as a film material, adding the crosslinking reaction of curing agent after heating can form a hard coating of insoluble texture. The coating is not as soft as the thermoplastic coating, and can only decompose when the temperature is higher. Because the resin used in thermosetting powder coatings is a prepolymer with lower polymerization degree, the molecular weight is low, so the coating leveling is good, has the good adornment, and the low molecular weight prepolymer after curing, can form the reticular cross-linked macromolecule, thus the coating has the good antiseptic and the mechanical performance. Therefore, the development of thermosetting powder coatings is particularly rapid.Powder

               Polyester Powder coating. Compared with other types of powder coatings, polyester powder coatings have unique properties. Performance in weathering resistance, UV-resistant properties than epoxy resin better. In addition, because polyester resin with polar groups, so the upper powder rate than epoxy resin, baking process is not yellowing, high gloss, leveling, paint film plump, light color characteristics, and thus has a good decorative. Generally used in refrigerators, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, instrumentation enclosures, bicycles, furniture and other fields.

                Acrylic ester Powder coating. Acrylic Resin Powder coating has two kinds of thermoplastic and thermosetting. Thermosetting Acrylic Resin Powder coatings have the greatest advantages of good weatherability, color retention, pollution resistance, strong metal adhesion, coating the appearance of excellent, suitable for decorative powder coating.Powder

              Thermoplastic powder coatings. The thermoplastic powder coating, which began in 1950, melts in the spraying temperature and solidifies into film when cooled. Because the processing and spraying method is simple, the powder coating only needs to melt, the leveling, the cooling or the extraction solidification into the membrane can, does not need the complex curing device. Most of the raw materials used in the market are common polymers, most of the conditions can meet the requirements of the use of performance. But there are some deficiencies, such as high melting temperature, low coloring level, and metal surface adhesion. However, the commonly used thermoplastic powder coatings still show some unique properties, the Polyolefin powder coating has excellent solvent resistance, the PVDF coating has outstanding weathering resistance, the polyamide has excellent wear resistance, and the polyvinyl chloride has good price/performance ratio; thermoplastic polyester powder coating has good appearance and artistic advantages. These characteristics make the thermoplastic powder coating in the coatings market occupies a large proportion.Powder