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Various Types Of Packing Machine Type Performance
Sep 06, 2017

     Tea Vacuum Packaging Machinery General machine adjustment: heating wire and heating tape: Add the holder should exercise freely, can be used to move the silk seat, to prevent the two ends of the power cord stuck, if the heating tape wrinkle, can be removed after the reset, if the tape is bad, should be replaced in time, so as not to affect the quality of sealing. Stroke switch: In the middle of the organic board has a stroke switch, if the machine fuse intact, button in the power supply position, press the Organic board does not work, can use the hand pressure stroke switch, if the machine has work, then can take down the board, adjust the stroke switch upwards. The organic board can be pressed to the stroke switch.Packing Machine Type
     Oil level: The machine uses 800 hours to replace the HF-6 vacuum oil and refuel the marked oil level. Usually if the oil is super high or low oil level line, the machine vacuum degree will be affected. Heat-resistant rubber strip: On the organic board has a soft plastic strip, can be taken off the face after loading and flattening, if the date of sealing. You can take down the date and the numbers and put them on the dates we need. If the rubber strips burn, should be replaced in time.
    Packaging machine is a product of production and outsourcing of the machine collectively. The main points are 2 aspects: 1. assembly line production packaging, applied to food, medicine, Chemical industry (bagged, bottled) products filling (Tim filling), sealing machine, dozen yards. Mainly includes: liquid (paste) filling machine, Pillow-type Packaging machine. 2. Product peripheral packaging equipment, used for product production, spraying (dozen) production date, sealing, shrink film, etc., mainly include: Sealing machine, inkjet machine, balers, vacuum machine, shrink machine, vacuum packaging machine.Packing Machine Type
    Vacuum inflatable packaging food into the packaging bag, pull out the air in the bag to achieve the predetermined vacuum, and then filled with nitrogen or other mixed gases, and then complete the sealing process. Vacuum packaging technology originated in the 1940s. 1950, Polyester, polyethylene plastic film successfully used in vacuum packaging, since then, the vacuum packaging has been rapidly developed. Pre-use Preparation: Vacuum packaging machine to stabilize the machine, to see whether the lid is smooth, let go after the automatic jump. Equipped with power supply to suit the requirements of the model. Check the vacuum packaging machine pump oil surface position is correct, if the correct should be adjusted (see the vacuum pump instructions).Packing Machine Type
    The machine is well grounded. Plug in the power supply, turn on the power switch and cover to see if the vacuum pump is working properly. Pre-use adjustment: Choose Vacuum degree.Packing Machine Type