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Weighing Error Of Combined Weigher Packing Machine
Oct 27, 2017

Quantitative Automatic packaging scale is one side of the feeding side weighing, continuous feeding before reaching the target weight data, when a little difference from the target weight must be appended to a weighed object, that is, after coarse metering, such as the larger or heavier individual, there is a greater error, which affects the accuracy of the scale.Combined Weigher Packing Machine

 The computer combination scale is composed of a plurality of weighing units with independent feeding structure, and the general computer combination scale consists of 8~32 weighing units. The computer uses the permutation and combination principle to calculate the load of each weighing unit automatically, and obtains the best and nearest quantitative combination for packaging.Combined Weigher Packing Machine

For example, a 10 weighing unit of the computer combination scale, weighing each weighing unit weighed, and the weight of each weighing data read into the computer, by the computer to optimize the combination, according to the combination of mathematics, 10 weighing units can achieve 1023 combinations, the computer from these 1023 combinations to select the closest to the target weight of the combination. In this way, the precision weighing of the above-mentioned material single weight is large, and it is difficult to achieve quantitative value of the work to solve. The computer combination scale is the ultimate result in the combination of the nearest target weight.Combined Weigher Packing Machine

This error for the quantitative automatic packaging scale is very obvious error, weighing the weight of the bucket to reach the set value, although the electromagnetic vibration feeder has stopped, but stop the moment, weighing bucket to the vibration of the existence of the said object will eventually fall into the bucket to produce so-called gap error, Although some quantitative automatic packaging scale to shorten the feed time to reduce the drop error, but due to the flow velocity, feed uniformity, such as the uncertainties of the system influence, there are still different degrees of error. and the computer combination scale is from the buffer hopper to weighing hopper feed, weighing the full stability of the hopper issued instructions after the weighing, so there is no gap error.Combined Weigher Packing Machine