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Vertical Coconut Powder Packing Machine

Vertical Coconut Powder Packing Machine
Packing|Packaging Machine is Automatic Vertical Flour/coconut Powder Auger Dosing Are u searching best quality film pouch packing machine manufacturer? Are u searching best teamwork for packing machine? Are u searching best sales service packing machine manufacturer? Come here, Foshan Samfull...
Product Details:

vertical coconut powder packing machine

Are u searching best quality film pouch packing machine manufacturer?

Are u searching best teamwork for packing machine?

Are u searching best sales service packing machine manufacturer?

Come here, Foshan Samfull Packaging Machine Co.,ltd still here to serve for u. 


vertical coconut powder packing machine


vertical coconut powder packing machine

1、200L hopper
3、Screw elevator
4、50L hopper
5、Packing machine
6、Finished product conveyor

7、vertical packing machine

8、flour packaging machine

9、coconut powder packing machine


Start machine till the temperature constantset the parameters(bag length and packing weight)feeding to storage hopper-vibrating material to bucketlifting material to auger fillerauger screw measure the material date printingforming bagfilling→sealing→cutting→exit conveying;(driving film by a pair of belt:low resistance,driving film fast);




Suitable for different kind of powder: spice powder, flour, coffee powder, coconut powder and so on

For food safety: We have repeatedly emphasized that food safety, food packaging safety is an important part of food safety, and security in addition to food packaging food packaging machine with high quality or not is closely related to, the safety of packaging materials is the application of food safety issues related to the important part. Developed a new type of safety packaging materials, and make it compatible with the food packaging, food packaging safety is a priority, which requires food packaging machine industry, starting from their own areas, the maximum for the food security escort.


flour packaging machine

Technical Specifications:



                    Bag size

                    L (60-300) * W (40-200) mm

                    Packing speed

                    5-60 bags/min

                    Measuring range

                    1000 ml (max)

                    Max width of film roll

                    ≤420 mm

                    Driving film

                    By a pair of belt

                    Air consumption

                    0.6 mpa

                    Gas consumption

                    0.4 m3/min

                    Power requirement

                    2.2kw,220 V, 50 HZ

                    Machine size

                    L 1320 * W 920 * H 1392 mm

                    Machine weight


                    Sealing Type: Pillow bag


1.All machine made by SS 304,lifting by oil pressure and air cylinder.

2.Use unique mechanical transmission, to keep the structure simple and easy to operation, with good stability and strong overload capacity.

3.Filling by servo motor, High location and accuracy, high speed with high torque, it can change the rotate speed, stable running with long lifetime.

4.Mixing by no need maintenance motor export from TAIWAN. Low noise, long life and lifelong no need to repair.

5.Design special tracking device for product proportion, Overcome the weight accuracy that cause by product proportion change.

6.Full seal organic glass and stainless steel material container, can seal the material totally, ensure the high percent of nitrogen, the discharge device equip with dust collection device.

7.For easy flow material equip with special discharge leakproof valve, to prevent the material leak out.


flour packaging machine

                    Auger filler parameter

                    Filling system:



                    10-5000g(change auger)

                    Weighing range:






                    Filling speed:



                    220v or 380v

                    Total power:


                    Material hopper:







                    Auger elevator parameter

                    Lifting height:


                    Lifting volume:

                    3 cubic meter/hour


                    Customized available


                    Stainless steel


                    220v or 380v

                    Feeding speed:







                    Conveying height:


                    Total power:







Warranty:Our packing machine is 12 months under warranty.Most of components are free-replacementwarranty(PLC,Servo controller,Servo motor,Touch screen,cylinder).But the client needs to pay the DHL fee .Artificial and thunder strike damage is beyond the scope of the warranty.spare parts are not in the warranty time.

After sell service:oversea service for our engineer is available.Clients need to afford the visa,tickets,accommodation,hotel and 100 USD per day.the problem components are free during the warranty time.

Technical support for this vertical coconut powder packing machine:we will be a consultant for clients about the technical problem before order,provide drawing specification,design customized project,analyze and solve technical problem.

Operation training:we are pleased to receive client’s technician to our factory and learn the operation course,take photo,video.

In order to give u the best suitable packing solution, please answer the below six questions:

  1. What's powder do u want to pack?

  2. The bag is pre-made bag or film form automatically?

  3. The packing weight and volume of each bag?

  4. The bag type u need? pillow bag, gusset, stabilo bag or others?

  5. How many bag size do u need to pack? and for example?

  6. The capacity request one hour or one day u need?

Buniss patterns:

  1. Delivery time: 20 working days after receiving deposit.

  2. MOQ: 1 set.

  3. Payment term: 30% deposit+70% balance shoule be paid before delivery by T/T or L/C, western union, cash etc.

  4. Loading port: Guangzhou or Foshan port.

Import Process between us:

  1. We will start to make machine when we receive deposit, our customer can come to check machine before making shipment, after our customer confirm all things is ok and we will start to make shipment.

  2. We can send machine to the warehouse u asked or shipping company, which just depends on our customer.

  3. Our after-sales prepare anytime for u when machine reach to ur factory, all our company still here to serve for u.

Fequently asked questions: 

Q: How can i believe that u would send product?

A: We are the verified company in China, we have our company websit, google website, alibaba website, all is to make transaction success.

Q: Why choose us:

  1. Person:18 years technology accumulation and rich team-work experience.

  2. Equipment:sophisticated and upmarket processing equipment.

  3. Supplier:internation or domestic famous-brand supplier.

  4. Quality control: super requirements of the quality management standards and technical specifications.

  5. Certification: ISO9001, CE certification and others.

Q: What aftersales service of ur comapny?

A: all our machines enjoy 1 year warranty, any other problem, we still here to serve u, u can call me or send email, we on line from 8:00 to 5:30, we still can work for u even though it be off work. My phone (WhatsApp) is 86 13413225344.

What fee that customer should afford?

 Client afford the Courier fee of parts

 Oversea service is available but clients afford the tickets ,visa and accommodation.

We sincerely to cooperate with you!

This vertical coconut powder packing machine can also for packing flour.

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