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Volumetric Seed Packing Filling Machine

Volumetric Seed Packing Filling Machine
P1 - P1-420 packing machine with cup filling system series Start machine till the temperature constant → set the parameters(bag length and packing weight) → feeding product → automatic filling machine → date printing → forming bag → filling→sealing→cutting→exit conveying;(driving film by a pair...
Product Details:

Volumetric seed packing filling machine


P1-P1-420 packing machine with cup filling system series

Volumetric seed packing filling machine


Start machine till the temperature constantset the parameters(bag length and packing weight)feeding productautomatic filling machinedate printingforming bagfilling→sealing→cutting→exit conveying;(driving film by a pair of belt:low resistance,driving film fast)packing machine for automatic volumetric grain/seed filling, China, factory, suppliers, manufacturers, price, buy, for sale


Packing material: heat-sealable laminated film roll, such as: PET/PE, BOPP/PE, Nylon/PE, BOPP/CPP, PET/Plated, A1/PE, Paper/PE, etc.



A. High speed and efficiency

B. MITSUBUSHI PLC control system, large touch screen, convenient to operate;

C. Film drawing down system and horizontal sealing controlled by servo motor minimize the loss with complete automatic warn protection function;

D. High automatic, it can complete the whole packaging process, measuring, filling, sealing, date printing, counting, transporting.

E. The contact parts with food is made of 316# or 304# high quality stainless steel ensure food safety


Applicable for the chocolate, nuts, seeds, potato chips, peanut, nuts, dried fruit, jelly, frozen dumplings, biscuits, corn, hardware, plastic, etc. Various kinds of granular.


seed packaging machine

Technology specification:



                    Bag size

                    L (30-300) * W (30-200) mm

                    Packing speed

                    5-60 bags/min

                    Measuring range

                    1000 ml (max)

                    Max width of film roll

                    ≤420 mm

                    Driving film

                    By a pair of belt

                    Air consumption

                    0.6 mpa

                    Gas consumption

                    0.4 m3/min

                    Power requirement

                    2.2kw,220 V, 50 HZ

                    Machine size

                    L 1320 * W 920 * H 1392 mm

                    Machine weight


                    Sealing Type: pillow bag, gusseted bag.



This machine is suitable for vertical hoisting food stuff, food, feed and chemicals such granule products. Hoister is driven by hopper hoist through the transmission of chain. Used in the vertical convey of grain and small blocky product. Have the advantage of hoist capacity and high hoist degree.

Technical parameters:
Hoisting height: 3.0m(can be customized)
Hoisting speed: 0-17m/min  Hoisting volume: 5.5 cubic meter/m
Total power:550w
Hopper volume:50L
Specification: Can customize the different materials according to customers needs, Carbon steel plastic spraying or stainless steel, touching products' parts are food-grade plastic

1. All the wheel gear are over striking, Smooth operation and low noise.
2. Chain is over striking, make the operation more stable.
3. Totally enclosed, clean and health.


grains packing machine

Cups:5 cups
Volume: adjustable





                    Conveying height:


                    Total power:





Warranty:Our packing machine is 12 months under warranty.Most of components are free-replacement warranty(PLC,Servo controller,Servo motor,Touch screen,cylinder).But the client needs to pay the DHL fee .Artificial and thunder strike damage is beyond the scope of the warranty.spare parts are not in the warranty time.

Our warranty time is 13 months ,starts from the issue date of bill of lading.

After sell service:oversea service for our engineer is available.Clients need to afford the visa,tickets,accommodation,hotel and 100 USD per day.the problem components are free during the warranty time.

Technical support:we will be a consultant for clients about the technical problem before order,provide drawing specification,design customized project,analyze and solve technical problem.

Operation training:we are pleased to receive client’s technician to our factory and learn the operation course,take photo,video.

FAQ of this volumetric filling machine

Q1: Can your machines meet our needs well?

A1: We will confirm your packing material, packing weight, bag size, bag type, packing speed and other requirements when we receive ur inquiry, and then give u the proposal according to ur requirements. so every machine is customized to meet your needs well.

Q2: What's your payment terms?

A2: 30% as deposit, 70 as balance should be paid before shipment after inspection, the payment term is by T/T, L/C, Western Union, Cash, ect.

Q3: Are u factory or trading company?

A3: we are factory, we have rich experience for packing machines more than 18 years, so u must make sure our machines quality, u can come to check our machines quality anytime.

Q4: How can we make sure the machine quality if we play order with u?

A4: we can send pictures and videos for u to check quality before delivery, or u can arrange for quality checking by yourself or ur friends in China.

Q5: We're afraid you won't send us machine after we send u the money?

A5: We can send our company lience and certificate to confirm our company, and u also can pay us through alibaba trade assurance service, which is more guarantee your money and machine's on-time delivery and machine's quality.

We has been focused on the vertical packaging machines and ancillary equipment with R & D design, manufacturing, installation and technical services, which will provide our clients with more automatic intelligent packaging solutions.

Q6: Why we should choose your company?

The combination of scale was created in the last century, because of its speed, high precision, we wide used in food particles, chemical product, pharmaceutical and the other industries, due to materials, labor costs are continuous increase, operating profits are being squeezed, many manufacturers are want to controlling the cost, in this case, if you used plastic film, then the multi-head weigher packing machine system is your good choice .

A6: we are professional company in packing machines more than 18 years, we also have great after-sales services teamwork.

For food safety: We have repeatedly emphasized that food safety, food packaging safety is an important part of food safety, and security in addition to food packaging food packaging machine with high quality or not is closely related to, the safety of packaging materials is the application of food safety issues related to the important part. Developed a new type of safety packaging materials, and make it compatible with the food packaging, food packaging safety is a priority, which requires food packaging machine industry, starting from their own areas, the maximum for the food security escort.

Our services for volumetric filling machine:

  1. calling or door to door services.

  2. online video service 

  3. operate video service

  4. 24 hours technical support by mail, online or call

  5. machine testing working 3 days before shipping

  6. machine finished pictures and video send to you for checking

  7. one year guarantee for all machines

  8. A. Cover by PVC film + fumigated wooden case;

  9. B. Wooden case suitable for long distance ocean shipping.

  10. can send our engineers to ur factory for support if u need

  11. Standard Export Packing:

We service at 24 hours  and welcome to visit our factory at any time, any questions you have? please do free to contact us, thanks!We sincerely to cooperate with you!

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