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Horizontal Flow Chocolate Biscuit Packing Machine

Horizontal Flow Chocolate Biscuit Packing Machine
CB-300S Servo Motor automatic packing machine for package Horizontal Flow Chocolate Biscuit feeding products: can install the feeder automatically feeding or feeding by manualConveying products conveying by pusher or belt according to different products Deliver film:crossover the film and runs...
Product Details:

Horizontal flow chocolate biscuit packing machine


horizontal packing machine


flow pack machine

1.feeding products: can install the feeder automatically feeding or feeding by manualConveying products

2.conveying by pusher or belt according to different products

3.Deliver film:crossover the film and runs smoothl

4.Date printing:our regular printer is ink roll printer. Thermal transfer printer is available

5.Tracking mark:tracking the color mark on film and cut the correct bag lengt

6.Bag forming:adjust the bag former to fit for the size of product

7.Center seal:clamping and heating the center sea

8.Cutting and sealing:can make a round hole or euro hole when cutting and sealin

9.Nitrogen injection:inject the nitrogen for bread

10.Exit convey:exit the finished productshorizontal flow chocolate biscuit automatic horizontal packing machine, China, factory, suppliers, manufacturers, price, buy, for sale

Motor automatic packing machine for package Horizontal Flow Chocolate Biscuit

chocolate packing machine

biscuit packing machine


1.Mechanical key parts are made of stainless steel to meet the heath standards of food QS and medicine GMP

2.Human, intelligent parameter settings, the general staff in a short time can skilled use. operation, maintenance and repair easier and convenient.

3.Saving time and film when replacing products. Can save 10 groups of parameters formula. directly switch to normal production. No need to re-adjust again, which reduce the waste of material and simplify the adjustment process

4.Intelligent control of the temperature module, much stable temperature control, set the parameters directly on the touch screen

5.No need to adjust the cutting speed. the servo motor motion controller automatically tracking synchronization

6.Write the material position data on the touch screen. its automatically correct the position. No need to adjust it by manua

7.Mature servo control technology with overload protection, leakage protection, fault alarm and other safety devices to protect the safety and serve the life of the packing machin

8.Three-Axis power transmission structure, simplifying the mechanical transmission structure, the digital control, which more than dual frequency motor packing machine. low-carbon, energy saving and environment protection

Our machine adopts Schneider PLC (core controller) and double transducer control, cuts bags according to length, doesn’t need adjustment, solves problems in one stop, independent temperature PID control sealing and cutting; and is suitable for packaging films with different quality, and features a high touch degree, electronic eye color label tracking system, and one-stop color label tracking

9.Three-Axis packing machines extended their packing scope to the production lines,which increase the capacity of the whole line. easy and simple to connect with other equipment.

SAMFULL Packaging Machine Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of packaging machines. Located in Foshan city south China's Guangdong province. We are major in the packing machine for more than 11 years. In China, we are the leading company in this area. Our machine exported over 40 countries and welcomed by the customers since good quality but inexpensive.


Applicable for the chocolate, pies, bread, instant noodles. moon cakes, industrial parts. biscuits, box, hardware, plastic, etc.

Technology specification of horizontal packing machine

                    Film width


                    Thickness of film


                    Diameter of roll film

                    Outer diameter≤300mm,inner diameter≤75mm

                    Single knife

                    Bag size:(50-1500)×(50-160)×(3-60)mm


                    Double knife

                    Bag size:(50-1500)×(50-160)×(3-60)mm

                    Power requirement



                    3800×940×1500mm,  (L×W×H)



We are so powerful compare with dual frequency motor packing machine




Dual frequency motor machine

Three-Axis servo motor machine



                    2 normal motors,one for horizontal cutter and conveying products,another for center seal

                    Horizontal seal, center seal and conveying products controller by 3 independent servo motors

                    Machine structure

                    Need to adjust the speed of cutting,deliver products

                    Driving by servo motor directly

                    Structure simple,Reduce,the mechanical friction,Easy maintenance,long life time

                    Horizontal cutting speed adjustment

                    Use CAM structure to adjust the synchronization of cutting and film delivery by manual

                    No need to adjust the cutting.use motion controlling for synchronization automatically

                    Material position

                    Adjust it by differential structure by manual

                    Input the correct material position value on the touch screen

                    Save time

                    Prevent cutting products

                    When cutting products,need stop machine and reset by manual

                    When cutting products,the cutting stop,the center sealing and delivering products continue.

                    Save the stopping time

                    Empty bag prevention

                    without this function

                    No products coming,the center seal and horizontal seal stop until the products coming

                    No waste film

                    Change the product length

                    When the length of products too much difference,need to change the mechanical parts,complex operation

                    Simple operation,just input the bag length on the touch screen


                    No this function

                    Can save a lot of formulas.

                    Save time for adjustment

                    Training for workers

                    Need a long time to be familiar with machine

                    Smart technology,be familiar with machine in a short time

Ink printer parameter:

  Print Area   Axial: 31mm       Radial:45.5mm
  Max. Line

                    T-thpe:13lines  Max. character 20/line

                    R-type:9lines  Max. character 13/line


                    T-type:1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0mm(w)*3.5mm(H)

R-type:3.5mm(w)*3.5, 4.5, 5.5mm(H)
  Cycle Rate   Up to 300 cycles / minute; Surface Speed Up to 50 meters / minute
  Min. Print space   70mm for 2 set type; (select one): 35mm for 4 set type
  Type Rotation Direction   Clockwise (Fixed); (select one)Counter clockwise (fixed)
  Ink Roll   36*32mm
  Electrical   220V 10% / 50Hz / 1PH 100W T 2.0AF use
  Temperatures   Minimum 4 (40 F)  Maximum 38 (100 F)
  Weight   Print Head: 2.0kg    Control Box: 1.0kg

                    Print Head:14mm*140mm*100mm(L*W*H)

                    Control box:180mm*160mm*125mm(L*W*H)

  Relative Humidity   Minimum 10%    Maximum 95% (non-condensing)

Advantage of our Horizontal pillow packing machine:

1.Machine frame in simple design with strong stainless steel and carbon steel

2.The surface is smooth, flat and brushed

3.The tail frame is integrated that making the film moves smoothly

4.The connection edges are full of welding, looking so strong and beautiful

Horizontal flow chocolate biscuit packing machine can packing chocolate, packing biscuit, and other food.

Welcome you visit our company!

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